Photographs from travellers on the trail

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Monument Walk late summer (near Coleraine) © Mariki Prozesky © Mariki Prozesky
Early Summer (near McKinnon Creek)
Early Spring (near Sandy Creek)
The Hamilton trestle bridge circa 2010 - (no current transit)
Between MacDonalds Road and Glenelg Highway circa 2011
The trestle bridge at The Wannon - (no current transit)
Chocolate Lilys (<em>Anthropodium strictum</em>) flowering at the Wannon Station Ground © Liz Fenton
Echidna foraging in damp soil after rain (<em>Tachyglossus aculeatus</em>) Upper Monument Walk, Coleraine © Coralie Coulson
The replica Railway Gates beginning the Monument Walk in Coleraine © Coralie Coulson
Faithfully re-created & installed courtesy of the Coleraine Mens Shed - 2019  © Coralie Coulson
Signage near the Bochara Station Ground  ©
Hamilton Coleraine Railway History signage  ©
Parkwood Station Ground signage  ©
Red Gums - <em>Eucalyptus camaldulensis</em>  ©
Heading South, West of the Highway - <em>(North of The Wannon)</em>  ©  G.Turner
North of The Wannon heading South - <em>(West of the Highway)</em>  ©  G.Turner