red dot  The section (marked red) from Hamilton to Balkins Road (green circle) is mostly unopened (closed) as it is undeveloped and hazardous due to many obstacles including ungated fences (~38), fallen trees, broken or absent bridges, dumped rubbish, inadequate secure surfaces and no signage. Though east off Fairburns Road new fencing has being constructed and a substantial planting of native seedlings honouring the Queen's Jubilee with a recent official opening ceremony of the short ~1 Km section (~700m south of Balkins Rd.) with follow-up plantings of native grasses to come.

greendot  It's recommended that you Start or Finish where the track meets Balkins Road (green circle - 37°43'12.3"S 141°57'59.4"E) and perhaps park your vehicle/s near Balkins & Fairburns Road where there is ample space with the added security of being near the North Hamilton CFA shed.

yellowdot  Easy/Intermediate : The yellow marks a well maintained trail with ample signage and reasonable surfaces awaiting a finer grained topping. A new boardwalk has been completed for the Sandy Creek parallel to the closed trestle bridge. Caution : a section North of Parkwood Staton Ground known as the Koroit Decline has always presented challenges as there is a spring which can make the track very soft, cattle are currently being excluded with new fencing to prevent the heavily pocked-marked track there. Please exercise caution when crossing the Glenelg Highway (four times).

bluedot  Intermediate : Due to the closure of the Wannon River Trestle Bridge and public enquiries we are suggesting this (temporary) bypass through The Wannon; it is a rough surface with lateral steep sections. This is not in our Rail Reserve and we are currently negotiating with The Wannon Progress Association and the Southern Grampians Shire Council (SGSC) for a permanent and common pathway. Please exercise caution along the Wannon-Nigretta Falls Road as it is popular with tourists towing caravans.

orangedot  Easy/Intermediate : Caution :This Orange section North of Wannon is beautiful but with a rough surface. red dot Note, the previously advised replacement of Culverts (5) work to where it meets the Glenelg Highway south of Toolang Road has been suspended by the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) until the levels of Arsenic* have been determined. All major ground work (disturbance) is halted until the sampling and laboratory testing, then an assessment of hazard approach determined. *Used globally in the 19th and 20th Centuries to protect the timber components of railways.

yellowdot yellowdot  The Wannon picnic area has drinking water, toilet facilities, tables and BBQ's, here is a guide to it :- https://www.redgumtrack.net.au/TheWannon.html . There is also a small picnic area (1 table) at Parkwood Station Ground.